Humor is my forte; irony my specialty. I’m a native of Baltimore, home to the great Mencken; the son of wonderful parents who were married. I’m openly straight, white, and male; with no apologies offered. I technically attended the University of Maryland, where I immersed myself in the liberal arts of journalism and law enforcement. I was a passable member of the track and cross-country teams. My close associates and I may not have been the most distinguished of scholars, but by any metric (principally our own) we were the cleverest; GPAs and PhDs not always the most faithful measures of a matriculate’s intellectual endowments.

Beach Couple: Mr & Mrs Cornwell

For the better part of two decades I devoted my energies to single-fatherhood and various mercantile pursuits; before coming to the painful realization that, though I may have been a pretty good father, I was no businessman. My one marketable asset: I was good at making fun of stuff. I followed my adult son and daughter to Southern California to pursue a screenwriting career, but sabotaged any hopes for success by writing five screenplays too smart for Hollywood.

#ScaryWhiteFemales, my debut novel, is converted from one of those screenplays. With this groundbreaking work as rallying cry, I’m a frontline volunteer in the budding masculinist movement (although I’m not sure we qualify yet as a wave). Happily remarried, I live on the wrong coast with my adoring wife, subsisting in a literary wasteland under the brutal regime of Czar Newsom, enfant terrible.