According to James W. Douglas in his outstanding JFK and the Unspeakable—Why He Died and Why It Matters, in September of 1963 there was a meeting of President Kennedy and his National Security Council, in which the Joint Chiefs, led by General Maxwell Taylor, presented their “Net Evaluation Subcommittee Report.” Almost sixty years later it seems unthinkable, but for two years the military establishment had been pushing the president toward a preemptive nuclear strike against the Soviet Union. The report listed the expected casualties—for both sides—were such a strike to be launched. With our superior capability, their estimate was 140 million dead Soviets. Bravo! Asked by the president what our expected casualties might be with Soviet retaliation, they responded that if our first-strike was a “success,” that it could still result in 30 million American deaths. They admitted to the president that this would be “unacceptable.” Even the late Madeleine Albright would likely have agreed. Kennedy told them they were mad.

Here we are in 2022, and the American war machine—after a brief hiatus—is back, licking its chops over the possibility of a real war. Little boy from Illinois, Adam Kinzinger, possibly in an attempt to define what a “man” is, has called for a no-fly-zone over Ukraine. Tough talk, coming from the comfort and security of his Washington office, of course. Seeing all that snow and ice over there in Ukraine makes him shiver to the bone. But you can hardly blame him. Those damned Russkis can be a scary lot. But he needn’t worry his pretty little head. As a highly-valued statesman, he’s much too vital to the cause to be put in harm’s way. The same goes for untold thousands of Washington indispensables; those bravely calling for courageous Ukrainians to sacrifice homes and communities, and lay down their lives for Western interests. Kinzinger (not sure of the preferred pronoun here) is siding with military-industrial complex slut, Lindsey Graham, in essentially putting out a contract on Vladimir Putin. Moron’s moron, Sean Hannity, has made it a threesome. The fly in the ointment being that in “standing up” to the Russian president, these three lily pad patriots are dealing with a real man.

In a previous post (Diary of a Late Bloomer – Part Three), I laid out a dozen major unnatural American disasters from the previous six decades; from the Vietnam war, all the way to the Corona virus hoax. In each case we were lied to, early and often, by the people we’re supposed to trust (our elected leaders), and those we trust to keep them honest (a free and independent press). LOL. I wondered how many times gullible Americans could be played for fools before they might suspect something.

Apparently, that day is still a while in coming. Opinion polls reveal that Americans, who were rightfully skeptical of a confrontation with the cagey Putin, military or otherwise, over an obscure, sometime nation half a world away, are caving to the relentless Russia bashing in calling for increased support for Ukraine. Never mind that Vladimir Putin’s security concerns, as his country is increasingly surrounded by an aggressive NATO, are entirely legitimate. (Again, boys and girls, how many of you think Uncle Sam would like it if Russian tanks and missiles were lined up along his borders?) Despite the demonization of this man in recent years, Putin is not Hitler. He is a nationalist. Looking out for Russia’s interests. Imagine that in a president.

His back was to the wall, and he attacked. How many times did we think we could poke the bear before he poked back? And what does little Adam think will happen when we take the next step and shoot down the first Russian plane? No wonder he’s taking his ball and going home.

Public opinion is fickle, but there are three constants. The views held by Americans will invariably be uninformed; overly simplistic; and wrong. We like our wars served up in black and white, thank you, as described by VP Carmella in her radio interview. “Wussia big countwy; Ukwaine small countwy. Ukwaine good; Putin bad. Fweedom!” Don’t muddy the water with nuance. Give us a villain we can rally round the TV and hate. Non-thinkers are still mired in the cold war. The only way a nation, already exhausted from thirty years of Middle East meddling, can be conned into yet another half-baked foreign intervention is with the resurrection of the Russian bogeyman. And the propaganda campaign is working. The war channel (Fox News) is hitting us with a blitzkrieg of misinformation and video depictions of the horrors of war. The human toll. The dead children. Of course these scenes are heart wrenching! WAR IS HELL. But tell that to the neocons. New World Order operative, Condoleezza Rice (a prominent propagandist in the runup to the Iraq genocide) tells Fox bubblehead, Harris Faulkner, that Vladimir Putin should be tried for war crimes for his unprovoked invasion of a sovereign nation. Excuse me? Were not Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, et al., sovereign nations? Our attacks were based on lies. All of them. Those who dare resist are targeted for extinction by drone. “We’re here to liberate you people! Don’t you get it?” The hypocrisy is stupefying. These horrifying scenes of dead and dying children have played out a million times over thanks to our unprovoked aggressions, but you’re not going to see those on Fox News.

I’m always amazed by the bandwagon mindset. From the time my kids were young, I taught them the axiom: The herd is always wrong. When confronted by unanimous consent on any matter of importance, the discerning scramble for cover. Ask any man or woman on the street, and he or she will tell you that he or she is an independent thinker; yet few are ever guilty of an original thought. If I were ever to find myself in agreement with a cohort that included Joy Behar, Don Lemon, the Clintons, David Frum, Morning Joe, Max Boot, George Soros, one-note John Bolton, the slow-witted Mark Levin, or America’s preeminent billionaire-dumb-jock, Labron James; I would take a step back, and reassess my position. But you gotta love ‘em. Gullible Americans, decked out in their yellow and blue, putting aside their differences and banding together for a cause.

History is “boring,” so, aside from Vladimir Putin succeeding Donald Trump as Hitler, low information warrior-humanitarians have no insight into the events leading up to the Ukraine mess. All they know is that it’s all Putin’s fault.

And now for the rest of the story. After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the first President Bush (a longtime CIA goon) negotiated with Mikhail Gorbachev about the re-unification of Germany. Gorbachev acceded to the request, and in return Bush promised that NATO would not extend eastward toward Russia. “Not one inch,” according to then secretary of state James Baker. In the rich tradition of the CIA, keeping one’s word was for chumps. As the world’s hegemon, we are under no obligation to abide by such agreements, formal or otherwise. In 1999, President Clinton welcomed the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland to the club. They were joined in 2004 (during the Cheney-Bush administration) by Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia. And in the final year of his administration de facto president, bona fide war-criminal Dick Cheney, began making noises about Ukraine becoming a member.

This was a bridge too far. Vladimir Putin had stood by patiently as former Warsaw Pact nations and Soviet republics were incorporated into an alliance—from all appearances—bent on his destruction. Donald Trump came into office with the right idea. Make friends with the world’s only other nuclear superpower. It made perfect sense, but the Deep State wouldn’t have it. Trump allowed himself to be manipulated into a pointless get tough with Russia stance, further insulting and antagonizing a respected world leader. We began arming the Ukrainians, and the CIA has been covertly training their troops for years, turning a “neutral” country into a NATO outpost. The dirty little secret here is that the Deep State favors regime change in Russia. Period. Putin refuses to submit. This makes him a problem.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the people leading this nation are a bunch of amateurs. It’s an utter embarrassment to send any of these Romper Roomers (Biden, VP Carmella, Blinken) overseas. They’re even worse than George W., if that’s possible. Could it be that they were installed by the powers behind the Great Reset to finalize the elimination of America as a credible force in the world? Endless policy disasters are not the result of poor decision making—or an honest zeal for some green agenda. They’re intentional. The Sesame Street crowd in the White House is stupid; but their puppet masters are not.

For close to twenty years, Putin has insisted that incorporating Ukraine and/or Georgia into NATO would be tantamount to declarations of war. The anti-Russian rhetoric and outright lies of recent years convinced him time was running short. Attempts at constructive talks were torpedoed by America’s our way or the highway brand of diplomacy. Rightly or wrongly, Putin saw no choice but to act.

The truth about Vladimir Putin, the man, remains elusive. He publicly declares his Russian Orthodox faith. The depth of that faith is anyone’s guess, but on social issues, unlike his American counterparts with their politically expedient pseudo-Christianity, he has taken a very real stance in favor of the nuclear family and traditional Christian morality—and against the sexual perversions of the West. He sees the woke agenda for what it is. He spearheaded Russia’s rebirth as a global power after the dark days of Boris Yeltsin, and is directing all of his energies toward making Russia self-sufficient. For his detractors, who point to his KGB past, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago has been required reading in Russian high schools since 2010. He first met the Christian dissident and freedom fighter in 2000, and took Solzhenitsyn’s imparted wisdom to heart. Cool at first, their relationship grew closer in the years leading up to the writer’s death in 2008.

Here is what we know. The current crisis dates back to 2014, and the Maidan Revolution, where western Ukrainian, CIA backed Nazis, under the cloak of a peaceful protest, violently overthrew the democratically elected president, Viktor Yanukovych. Yanukovych was friendly to Russia, but no puppet. He was also, it must be said, very corrupt. In Russia and Ukraine there is a level of corruption we can’t understand. The charges leveled by the people against their leader were legitimate, but in classic American regime change fashion the protests turned ugly. Bullets started flying, snipers firing at both police and protesters, inciting the melee. There is strong evidence (including a leaked four-minute phone call with Geoffrey Pyatt, the US ambassador) that Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, was involved in the planning of the coup. She was even seen in the early stages of the protest (before any sniper attacks, of course), handing out snacks to the anti-Yanukovych actors. A series of puppet governments followed.

Vladimir Putin responded by annexing Crimea, Russia’s only warm water port; a region historically part of Russia. This was depicted as a crime in the West, in spite of a referendum which showed that 96% of Crimeans favored it, and the already large Russian naval presence at Sevastopol.

Ukraine is essentially Russian; going back more than a thousand years. Vladimir Putin considers them his own people. Eastern Ukraine (east of the Dnieper River) is almost all ethnic Russian, and favors close ties with Russia. The rest of Ukraine, thanks to Western influence ($$$), wants to be more “European.”   

Ukraine is in no way the squeaky-clean democracy portrayed in Western propaganda. There is an ugly history of Nazi influence in Ukraine. In the second World War, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists collaborated with the Nazis in the massacre of 1.5 million Ukrainian Jews, and others. In some quarters they, and their radical leader Stepan Bandera, are still considered national heroes. These elements survive in today’s Right Sector faction which, along with the radical Svoboda party, claimed credit for the Maidan coup. The Nazi presence has not been overstated by Russia; it’s been understated by the lying West. Further evidence of Washington involvement were photos of smiling globalist punk, John McCain, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Svoboda fascists. These same groups, along with the infamous Azov Battalion, have made almost constant war on the breakaway Luhansk and Donetsk Republics in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine since 2014, killing more than 10,000 ethnic Russians.

Cliché is rooted in truth. And the first casualty of war is truth. The CIA has admitted to disseminating false information to Western news organs in what they’ve termed a strategic “information war” against Putin. Which also, conveniently, serves to massage public opinion. And in any war, beware of false-flag atrocities. They’re as old as war itself. The Bucha massacre was laid at the feet of the Russians. Problem is, Bucha is predominantly Russian, so such an attack by Russia on Russians would seem illogical; but all mind-controlled Westerners need is to see the body bags. The Russians withdrew from Bucha March 30, apparently without incident. In came the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) on April 2, for a little “cleansing”—a weeding out of “saboteurs” and “traitors.” It was only then that the pictures of bodies suddenly appeared. All consistent with Ukrainian president Volodymr Zelenskyy’s call for the de-Russification of Ukraine. As for the attack on the railway station at Kramatorsk—another largely Russian city in far eastern Ukraine? Photos (courtesy of the Ukrainian information ministry!) clearly showed that the missiles were Ukrainian Tochka-Us. Mis-attributed atrocities are the story of the war so far.          

Russia’s initial attacks were on military targets only, including American bioweapons labs. There are reported to be as many as thirty of these, scattered throughout Ukraine; along with Deep State money laundering operations through which our evil empire finances its criminal enterprises in that part of the world. All in the name of spreading democracy, of course. The Russians are not attacking residential neighborhoods, hospitals, schools, etc. They are being attacked from them. The Ukrainian fighters, most of them neo-Nazis, are using their own innocent citizens as human shields. President Zelenskyy has ordered all men, 18-60, to fight. There are reports that if they refuse, they are murdered. In another lie, we are told the Russians are murdering Ukrainians trying to escape. Not only is that false, but the Russians are creating safe corridors through which the refugees can pass to escape their fellow Ukrainians! We are told the Ukrainian forces are winning, inflicting heavy losses on the Russians. Also, a lie. This is a war Ukraine cannot win, and dragging it out to please their Western masters will only result in more destruction and human misery.

Which brings us back to the notorious credulity of, not just average Americans, but our vaunted political class. Where is the wisdom in continually prodding one they claim is a madman? A so-called madman with his nuclear defenses primed, and on high alert. Russia-gate was a Deep State hoax. Likewise, January 6. Why do we turn around and listen to the Adam Schiffs and Liz Cheneys now? Conservatives who should know better have forgotten everything they’ve ever learned about neocon pathology. Where is congressional opposition to the insanity? Writing in The Federalist, a Washington foreign policy analyst (Harry Kazianis) told of a simulated, government sponsored wargame called the NATO-Russia War of 2019, which put the estimated death toll from such a conflict at one billion people—give or take a million. But then, these are just numbers. We are just that, to our satanically inspired rulers.

Volodymr Zelenskyy is no hero. He’s got millions stashed in offshore banks. He is a Western puppet, leading his country to mass suicide in NATO’s drive to wear Russia down. A wise commander knows when a battle is lost. Vladimir Putin, with a measured military operation, is determined to neutralize Ukraine with a minimum loss of life and property. The attack has been so deliberately slow and methodical that he has been accused by dumb newsreaders of indecision.

It is high time NATO disbanded. It’s continued existence only promotes further mischief on our part. Reckless use of sanctions threatens our standing as the world’s financial kingpin. Grasping elites, ignorant of history, are unwittingly sealing their own doom. They think they’re on the winning team, but are being played for suckers. Expect to see Bill Gates, Tony Fauci, the James Clappers, the John Brennans, the Andrew McCabes, et al., on the outside looking in—sometime soon. Replaced by serious people when the hammer comes down.    

Vladimir Putin has never given any indication he has designs on Europe. Whatever he is, or may be, he is nobody’s fool. He is not mad. He is patient, and shrewd. He makes monkeys of American journos with their stupid questions. The idea of a one-on-one conference call between Putin and Senile Joe should be enough to send Americans running for the fallout shelters. One pictures the Russian president sneaking glances at the Moscow Times sports page, stifling a yawn, working on a bowl of borscht. The man is a formidable adversary, not to be toyed with by pipsqueaks masquerading as world leaders. Pray that there is a limit to American hubris. As the bombast continues to emanate from Washington, inching us ever closer to WW III, we can only hope our smarter European “partners” will be there to pull us from the fire.

Next stop on America’s road to ruin: The planned cyber-attack.


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