R. Scott Cornwell


My name is Scott Cornwell. I’m a humorist, and satirist. I’ve written five screenplays, and my debut novel, #ScaryWhiteFemales, is now available at your favorite online booksellers.

Humor has had a rough ride in recent years. Wokeness and cancel culture have super-sensitized audiences, and every word uttered by comedians is closely scrutinized by the hyper-aware, ready to be offended on a moment’s notice. This applies, especially, to college audiences, who all know better than the rest of us. Late-night comics who were once funny (like Jimmy Kimmel), saw ratings plummet with their nightly hate-filled rants against a president a lot of us liked.

But this humorist sees signs of hope on the horizon. Just as peoples around the world are waking up to the lies and massive fraud of the Covid 19 pandemic, those who have retained a semblance of cognitive function after years of government-sanctioned, corporate-funded, Intel Community/Big Tech thought control, are looking at the tight-assed wokesters with jaundiced eye. Isn’t it time we lightened up a little? Stopped seeing microaggressions at every turn, in every other word. Identity politics is a rotten little scheme to divide us. All for the benefit of a globalist elite, the WEF Davos crowd, and their consolidation of power. Don’t let them do it. Turn off CNN. Read your Bible. (They hate that!) Seek truth. It is out there, waiting to be found. Take off the blinders. Chuck the stupid masks. Say NO to the petty tyrants infesting local governments and schoolboards. Talk to your neighbors. You’ll find that, deep down, we’re all pretty much the same. And then talk about what’s being done to us for our own good, and what we’re going to do about it.

Laughter, as they say, is the best medicine, and a grim and depressed populace certainly could have done with a little levity during two years of unnecessary and ineffectual lockdowns and mandates. Heaven knows, laughter would have been a better remedy for what ailed us than a vaccine that does not work. And, which, according to the data, is not only infusing the virus with new life, but killing us in the process!

I traffic in absurdity. Hoping to both entertain and inform. Humor, parody, satire, whatever you want to call it, is a proven method for making serious statements about the crimes of the ruling class. Hence, the attacks on the First Amendment by people who, out of the other side of their mouths, extol its virtues. What those behind the curtain fear most is exposure. Humor is always based in truth, and to our controllers, truth is a dangerous thing in the wrong hands. And their propagandists, the insentient politicians, academicians, and media types—self-important narcissists for hire—expect to be taken very seriously. If there’s one thing the small-minded cannot tolerate, it’s being laughed at. And, as I would tell friends and family during the writing process that gave birth to #ScaryWhiteFemales, I never run short of material.